Discover Grand Mirrors ETCH: Where Expression, Fashion, Creativity, and Innovation Come Together

Introducing the Grand Mirrors ETCH, a revolutionary mirror that enables you to express your individual sense of style and creativity. Create a one-of-a-kind piece that is distinctly yours by adding your own pattern or logo to the ETCH mirror, or choose from a wide range of designs.

Exclusive Diffusion Light Technology

The Grand Mirrors ETCH uses our ground-breaking Diffusion Light Technology to deliver highly efficient and consistent LED lighting while maintaining an incredibly thin mirror profile of just 20 mm. Experience the transformative power of Grand Mirrors ETCH by adding value to your space with a mirror that combines style, utility, and artistic expression.

A mirror with lights in Gatsby design mounted on a wall with feathers and a marble sink in Ajman.

Etch Designs

A fancy front lit mirror with Gatsby patterns mounted on a veins-designed wall in Dubai.
A fancy lighted mirror with a palm leaf light pattern mounted on a rough textured wall in Bahrain.
Circular front lit mirror with mandala patterned LED light mounted on a red wall in Saudi Arabia.
Wall mounted front lit up mirror with a paisley patterned light frame in Bahrain.
Mirror with lights around it mounted on a marble wall with a simplistic design in Al-Ain.
Best lighted bathroom mirror with geometrical LED light border design mounted on a wall in Bahrain.
French inspired LED lighted mirror attached to a porcelain wall in Saudi Arabia.
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A bathroom with a light up mirror in Gatsby design inset on a unique wall and a marble sink in Oman.
Front lit mirror attached to a white concrete wall with a wooden cabinet and plants below in Al Ain.
Two rectangular flower patterned mirrors with lights and cuboid alabaster above a sink pair in Oman.
Bathroom mirrors with a bamboo design light frame and a tiled sink in a cozy bathroom in Abu Dhabi.
Mandala style mirror with built in lights set on a blue wall above the matching blue sofa in Oman.
Fancy bathroom with a paisley light up mirror for wall inset on a wall and a sink below in Sharjah.
Living room with a sofa set, and a wall-mounted mirror with simple LED light design frame in Oman.
Modern living room with a geometrical light up mirror for wall, a couch, and a wall clock in Ajman.
Wooden mosaic wall mounted with a light up mirror with geometrical pattern and a sink in Dubai.
Light up mirror with french inspired light frame design mounted on a yellow-green wall in Oman.

This is Grand Mirrors
Grand mirrors etch logo in Qatar.

Any size or shape you can think of can be created for your Grand Mirrors ETCH. We can cut glass with incredible precision using our CNC computerised mirror cutting machines, which can handle sizes up to 450cm by 244cm.

Energy efficient icon demonstrating the illuminated mirror's safety.

Low Power Safety

With only 24 volts of power consumption, all Grand Mirrors are safe for use in any bathroom without the need for additional applications or licences.

Security film icon in Dubai.

Safety Film

Each Grand Mirrors has a safety film on the back to shield it from falling sharp, dangerous shards in the event of a break.

Black wooden cabinet with a white marble countertop and sink displayed on a white setting in Al-Ain.

Powerful Light Options to Suit Your Needs

Grand Mirrors uses innovative light transfer technology to precisely direct light in your direction, producing an illumination that is up to three times brighter than that of other mirrors on the market.

To create the ideal atmosphere in your space, select from a variety of potent lighting options, such as True Light, Cool Light, Philips LED Light, or Warm Light.

We provide wireless dimmers for Cool, Warm, and True Light options for more comfort and customization. For the ultimate in individualised lighting control, you can also decide to use Philips LED lights with dimmers.

Standard LED Light Options:

Warm light icon. Warm Light (3000K)
Cool light icon. Cool Light (6000K)
True light icon. True Light (2700-6200K) What is this?
Logo of a multicolor light for a remarkably brilliant reflection from Abu Dhabi. Multi Color

Philips LED Light Options:

Philips warm light icon. Philips Warm Light (2700K)
Philips mid-warm light icon. Philips Mid-Warm Light (4000K)
Philips cool light icon. Philips Cool Light (6500K)
Bahrain smartphone color wheel allows users to adjust the hue and brightness of a hand held light.

Smartphone Control (for RGB LEDs)

To directly adjust the colours and brightness of your mirror using your smartphone, download the app. Pick from a variety of programmes to find the perfect setting for your requirements.

Touchless On/Off

We can install a sensor so you can simply wave your hand over the mirror to turn it on and off, doing away with the need to touch the mirror.

Comparison of reflection of a woman in evervue lighted mirrors and other lighted mirrors in Oman.

Grand Mirrors True Light Technology

Experience Full Spectrum LED Lighting – The Perfect Light Anytime, Anywhere

Embrace the functionality of Grand Mirrors True Light Technology, which allows you to enjoy both cool and warm light at the same time.

Getting ready for a workday? The cool tone mimics office lighting, while the warm colour creates a cosy atmosphere for a leisurely evening or a night out.

Are you trying to perfectly match the light with the other lights in your bathroom? With the wireless remote control, you can easily adjust the colour and brightness to blend in with your other lighting fixtures by selecting from the entire spectrum between 2700K and 6200K.

With Grand Mirrors True Light Technology, you can completely change the look and feel of your room while providing complete control and flexibility to create the ideal ambiance for any occasion.

LED Specifications Table

(Warm 3000K / Cool 6000K)
(Warm 2700K / Mid-Warm 4000K/ Cool Light 6500K)
TRUE LIGHT BULBS (for Hollywood Mirror)
Operating voltage icon represents power and energy.
Operating Voltage
24 volts 24 volts 24 volts 24 volts
Lumen per foot icon for illuminating any space.
Lumen per foot
650 593 510 610 (per bulb)
Color Rendering Index icon enclosed within a circle. 90+ 95+ 90+ 90+
Electrical plug, used for connecting devices to a power source.
Watts per foot
3.2 watts 2.7 watts 3.6 watts 3 watts (per bulb)
Electrical plug, used for connecting devices to a power source.
Watts per meter
10 watts 8 watts 11 watts 3 watts (per bulb)
LED light icon for a Grand Mirrors.
Lifetime LED light
50,000 hours 60,000 hours 50,000 hours 50,000 hours
Gold circle mirror icon, symbolizing the thinnest glass and polished edges.
copper free

maintenance free

5mm glass

polished edges
copper free

maintenance free

5mm glass

polished edges
copper free

maintenance free

5mm glass

polished edges
copper free

maintenance free

5mm glass

polished edges
Certification icon showing that it meets UL standards.


Meets UL Standards


Meets UL Standards


Meets UL Standards


Meets UL Standards

Enhanced Power Driver for Grand Mirrors

Each Grand Mirrors is built to offer customers a smooth and dependable experience. Each Grand Mirrors comes with a flexible power supply that can easily connect to any AC outlet and has a power input range of 100-240 volts as part of our standard configuration.

We provide an optional advanced power driver that is compatible with a wider voltage spectrum of 100-277 volts for customers seeking even greater flexibility. This advanced driver is designed to function flawlessly with a variety of controllers, dimmers, and switches from top manufacturers, including Lutron, GE, Philips, Kasa, and Leviton.

Please download this PDF for more specifications.

Energy-efficient power supply adapter of a lighted frosted mirror for functional spaces.
Power adapter of a Grand Mirrors connects effortlessly to any AC outlet.

Customizable Add-Ons:

Evervue grand mirrors custom with touch control technology options in Abu Dhabi.

Custom Cut-Outs

Utilise our CNC computerised process to precisely cut custom cut-outs for light fixtures or faucets.


To improve the look of your mirror, pick from a variety of Stainless Steel and Black Walnut wooden frames.

Evervue extra thin grand mirrors lux with beveled edges with a black aluminum frame in Kuwait.

Bevelled Edges

The majority of mirrors are available with bevel widths up to 4cm, adding elegance.

Vanity mirror with a defogger and a woman in a white bathrobe looking at the mirror in Oman.


Use a custom demister in various sizes and shapes to keep your mirror clear after hot showers.

Lighted mirror with a night light that shines beneath the mirror and a concealed sensor in Ajman.

Night Light

Improve your space with a discrete night light that shines from beneath the mirror and has a secret sensor.

Grand mirrors lux in ceiling mount with a stainless steel pole and brackets in Saudi Arabia.

Stainless Steel Brackets

With a variety of stainless steel bracket options for countertop or ceiling installation, securely mount your mirror.

Motion Sensor

Install a motion sensor to turn on the LED lights automatically as you get close to the mirror—ideal for salons.

Touch control option for Grand Mirrors Lux a lighted mirror add ons in Bahrain.

Touch Control

Easily adjust the brightness, colour, programme, and save custom settings for your mirror light using touch control. Compatible with all products from Grand Mirrors.