Product Questions

What kind of light is used in Grand Mirrors products?

We use LED lights exclusively. LED lights are low voltage (24 volts) and energy-saving. One foot (30cm) of LED light strips provide the same amount of light compared to a 100-watts traditional bulb. One 3-watts bulb gives the same amount of light as a 40-watts traditional light bulb.

How long do LED Lights last?

LED lights are designed to last up to 50,000 working hours. To put it in perspective, that is around 6 hours per day, for the next 22 years.

Can I order any size and shape?

Yes, We can make any size and any shape (within 150” x 96” | 380cm x 244cm). For custom shapes, you can also send us your AutoCad files, a paper template, or simple drawings, and the mirror will be cut exactly to your preferred size with minimum tolerance.

Why are all mirrors powered with a separate transformer?

All of Grand Mirrors’ LED lights are powered with 24 volts. Therefore, it is safe to use in the bathroom and you don’t need to worry about shock risks that come with high 110 or 220 volts models. Because of the low voltage, our mirrors easily pass local coding.

How long will it take to receive my order?

It depends on the product and custom options, but usually we ship orders within 3-4 weeks. If your order needs to be extended, please contact your sales representative to confirm the delivery time.

Are the mirrors rust and corrosion-proof?

Yes, Grand Mirrors uses only high quality, high reflective mirrors, and will not rust or corrode over time under intended use.

When the mirror arrives, what do I need to mount the mirror against the wall?

All mirrors come complete with everything you need to mount the mirror to the wall. Usually, you would need a drill and a screwdriver to mount the strips against the wall and then you can hang the mirror on the wall. You can download instruction manuals on our website that show exactly how the mirror needs to be mounted.

Can I hard wire the power connection of the LED light?

Standard mirrors come with a power supply (110-220 volts to 24 volts transformer), a cable, and a power plug. Please consult with an electrician before attempting any alternative power methods.

What is the power consumption of the LED light?

For bulbs (Hollywood) power consumption is 3 watts per bulb. For Integrated Light mirrors and Backlit mirrors, it is 12 watts per foot (30cm).

Can I use a dimmer to control Grand Mirror's LED lights?

Our LED light works on 24 VDC. Please check with your vendor if your dimmer works with 24 volts systems (many dimmers only work on 110 or 220 volts). Grand Mirrors offers several wireless dimmers that are easy to install and easy to use.

What if an LED bulb or light strip goes out?

LED bulbs last much longer than standard light bulbs. However, in case a bulb breaks or goes out, we include one extra bulb with every order. The mirror’s housing is built so that you can easily replace the LED light on site, if necessary. Additional LED bulbs and LED light strips can also be purchased through our online store with fast shipment.

Shipping Questions

How will the mirror be delivered?

The mirror is packed in a strong wooden crate. One side is closed with screws, so you will need to use a screwdriver or drill to open it. This ensures that the mirror is kept safe throughout transit.

What happens if the mirror arrived broken?

Grand Mirrors offers a unique, damage-free delivery guarantee. As part of our terms and conditions, you must inspect the mirror on arrival and report any damages with photos of the broken mirror to This must be done within 24 hours of receipt.

Who will deliver the mirror?

Your order will be delivered by a specially selected, experienced transportation company and they will deliver the mirror as close as possible to your address depending on access of the truck.

Do you ship all across the UAE?

Yes, we ship everywhere in the UAE, including all countries in the Middle East.

Do you ship to other countries?

Yes, we ship worldwide at reasonable shipping costs. Essentially, we will ship any custom mirror to any deliverable address. Although Grand Mirrors will pay for the shipping, the customer is still responsible for paying any import duties and sales taxes (VAT).

Do I need to pay import duties?

Only orders that ship to an address outside the UAE are subject to local taxes and import duties. Please contact your local customs office to determine how much it will cost.

Do I need to pay VAT?

We are located in the UAE. All orders with a shipping address in the UAE are subject to VAT unless you provide us with a re-seller's certificate. Orders that ship outside of the UAE are not subject to VAT.

What if I receive the incomplete/incorrect order?

Incomplete and incorrect orders must be reported to within 24 hours of receipt so we can correct your order promptly.

Payment Questions

How can I pay?

For UAE customers: You can pay with a credit card, or online through PayPal. For customized orders, the maximum payment allowed by credit card is $2,500. The rest should be paid by check or wire transfer prior to shipping. For customers outside of the UAE, we only accept Bank Wire transfer. When we issue your invoice, we will also provide you with our banking details of UAE located bank.

Can I pay by bank wire?

Yes, you can pay by bank wire. Please contact us for more information.

Return & Order Cancellation

Can I return my order?

Standard products can be returned within 7 days of receipt for a full refund. The product needs to be shipped prepaid to our location in UAE. The customer is responsible for sending the product in a timely manner, and if the mirror arrives damaged, we cannot refund the order.

Can I cancel my order?

Customized mirrors cannot be canceled because they are specially made for you.

How long is the warranty?

All Grand Mirrors products come standard with a 12-month warranty on the electrical components (Note: This warranty does not cover the mirror glass portion; as any damages in the mirror glass must be reported within 24 hours of receipt). We also offer free 90-day technical support. LED light bulbs are also not covered under warranty. New LED bulbs can be purchased through our website.

Tech Support

If there is a problem, what do I do?

At Evervue Inc., we have an experienced and competent in-house support team that can assist you with your technical questions and concerns. We have implemented strict and high-quality guidelines on how to handle tech support related issues and most issues are usually resolved quickly. In exceptional circumstances, the process might take a little longer, but we always strive to find a solution.

For a fast and efficient resolution and answers to your tech related questions, we advise you to send a clear problem description, if possible, with photos or a short video to and you will receive a response within the next business day. Please also mention your order number, or the customers’ name and address.